About Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy and Counselling have more similarities than differences, especially if you become established with your therapist. Generally speaking, Counselling is often short-term with a focus on specific and current life issues. Psychotherapy is an open-ended exploration of underlying patterns and deep-rooted problems that may influence how you experience your life and relationships in the present.

More often than not, personal difficulties arise in the context of relationships, both past and present, and by exploring these difficulties through the medium of the relationship we build together, resolution may occur. Following an Integrative approach, I draw on a range of different therapeutic models, methods and philosophies, while holding them lightly to facilitate your unique process towards healing, learning and growth.

From my experience working therapeutically with people and being in therapy, I know that having psychotherapy can make the difference between simply surviving and thriving in our lives.  Whether you are interested in working through a current problem or difficulty or finding out more about yourself, I provide a safe and accepting environment to help you explore what might be holding you back and work out your meanings.

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